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Mark Victor Hansen has a tip for this Hansen :)

linemark-victor-hansen, dreams, goals, intention“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands — your own.”

~Mark Victor Hansen

I was inspired this weekend by a woman who wrote her vision of her pregnancy and the birth of her baby girl.  She had written it as though it was happening right now and it was complete with the feelings and emotions that she shared with her husband and family.  It touched my heart deeply and brought me to tears. I was so happy for her, just in hearing it, and I was excited for her journey.

AND it made me realize a disconnection I had in my own heart. I have some dreams too — but lately, I have been so tasky, so in my head about them, that I have kind of disconnected from the magic of them.  That made me sad…

So I commit to write my vision of a special dream this weekend… and reconnect with something so special to me.  Now THAT makes me excited, just thinking about it!

How about YOU?

Is there a dream or goal you have disconnected with?

When will YOU write it out and put your future in YOUR hands?

Commit with me to writing about it TODAY!

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Join the International Happiness Day Teleseminar – July 10!

Happiness, Kellie GrillMy dear friend, Kellie Poulson-Grill is the QUEEN of happiness in my books. She is also a Happiness Expert and Motivational Speaker/Author!

In honor of International Happiness Day this Sunday, she is hosting a FREE HAPPINESS TELESEMINAR.  Do join her!

Here are the details:  Sunday, July 10th… 3-3:30pm PST.

Join the call at 559-546-1700 and then 879290#

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Our Grand Opening is SOOO close!


ribbon cutting, grand opening launchI can almost taste it!!!  Hours and hours of work… now My Marketplace is nearly complete and my 4-step mini-course is done.  I added more goodness to it today and I really think it will make a difference for anyone looking to bring more passion to his or her life.  Now planning to launch my site by the end of the week!  It is almost ready for prime-time!!  GRAND OPENING ANNOUNCEMENT coming soon!!!

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Almost done!


Well, today is June 3 and while I have not had that ‘official’ Grand Opening yet, I am soooo excited about what is new on this site and what will be added soon.

So far, most pages are done and my Special Offer – 7 Ways of Positively Passionate People is done.  It is an excellent resource guide — and pretty too!

Oh yeah — and To Your Passionate Life! has a Facebook page!  Come LIKE IT! today!

I hope to make my big announcement soon…

Stay tuned!

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“To Your Passionate Life” is Under Construction!


I am in the process of rearranging my sites.

My goal is to have this site with To Your Passionate Life content by June 1.

Pray for me as I make it happen!

Add a comment below if you would like to be added

to my site Grand Opening list.

Thanks for your patience!!


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Do your loved ones know YOUR Love Language? Do YOU?

line5 love languages, gary chapmanA few of my top passions include my relationships.  In my pursuit of great ones, I came across this powerful book —  The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman — have you read it?  It is fantastic!

The premise is that we all have a primary love language — the way in which we both understand love AND express love.   If your love language is different than a loved one’s, then you may be doing everything you can to show your love, but he or she isn’t getting it.  AND he or she may also be thinking that you are getting how much they love you, but it isn’t phasing you.  It is a fascinating concept and even better — I have found that IT WORKS!  Continue reading

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Is TRAVELING a passion of yours? Here are some TIPS!


Yeah, it is one of mine too!  Just found this on the MarketingProfs website… and added some of my own below… what are YOUR tips?

8-Point Survival Guide For Too Much Business Travel
by Ann Hadley (Complete article here.)

I’m fresh off a 10-city book tour that sent me flying across 27,143 miles since January. (Aren’t you glad I resisted the urge to toss in “And boy are my arms tired!”? You’re welcome.)

Here are a few tricks I learned in the past few months about how to make travel a little less stressful:

1. Leave a little extra room in the suitcase.

Pack sparingly—resist the urge to over-pack. For me, this means I consciously have to curb my tendency to bring too many pairs of shoes. I get by with two: one dress and one casual.  Not over-packing cuts down on the amount of stuff you’re lugging, of course. But it also affords some room to bring back that special something you saw in Philly, to accommodate the outfit you had to unexpectedly buy in Atlanta when jeans at dinner suddenly didn’t cut it, or to accept the bottle of Puerto Rican rum that someone—in this case, Raúl J. Colón—schlepped all the way from Santa Isabel. (Thanks, Raúl!)

2. Take on-location photos.

I’m not talking about site-seeing photos here. I’m talking about practical photos that help orient you. Between the book tour and other events and travel, I stayed in 26 different hotels in the past few months. After about the fifth or sixth, I started forgetting my room number. One time, in fact, I tried my room key on Room 1035 with repeated aggression (Stupid! Magnetic! Strip!) only to realize that Room 1035 was in New York, and here I was in Chicago. Duh. It was then that I started snapping a photo of my room number with my phone and keeping it handy so I could refer to it and navigate my way back to my room without pounding on a stranger’s door.  It’s also a good strategy for remembering where you parked, including in the airport parking garage.  Continue reading

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What do Joe Montana, Kim Kardashian, and *I* have in common?


kim kardashian, sketchers, skechers, walkingskechers, sketchers, joe montana, walking

Hehehhe… I thought that might get your attention :)  Well, what we have in common is we love being in shape and we LOVE Skechers Shape Ups!  (They are super cool.. check out those and Fit Flops, another favorite of mine for walking)…  Vibrant health is one of my passions.  And walking is a great way to live that one.  If it is one of yours too, then grab a pair and try them out.  When you do, here are some new walking tips I found.  Take a look and let me know what you think…

Get great shoes.
Ok, that one is not exactly a secret, but the shoes I wear to walk are so very awesome, I had to put them in my list.  Check them out — Skechers Shape Upsand Fit Flops.

Walk after each meal.
Walking after meals will help your body digest your meal, especially if it is a high fat meal. Even if you only walk 5 to 10 minutes, it is still better than sitting on your rear.  Walking after each meal will help you to burn more calories and fat so that you can lose weight easily. Walking after meals jump starts your metabolism so that it can easily burn off the fat and calories that you just consumed.   Continue reading

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Argue with the truth and you will lose… only 100% of the time.


the work byron katieThe teachings Byron Katie have been so very instrumental in my passionate life.  She is most certainly on the list of my Most Favorite Famous People.  Her books have taught me how to ‘love what is‘ — and how powerful is that, given that IT always IS what it is???   Time Magazine calls her ‘a spiritual innovator for the new millenium.‘ She is a peaceful teacher and lover of the truth.  That’s her quote in the title there.  Her process, The Work, is simply amazing.  I have been doing The Work for a few years now and oh, the peace it delivers.  It is so true, as she says, inquiring into our thoughts leads us to freedom and truth.  She is an angel for anyone seeking peace and love.   I have several of her books listed in My Marketplace.  Check out her video at the link below and tell me what you think…

Click here to view Byron Katie’s The Work!

What did you think of it?

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