Meet Ratika Hansen

My life purpose is to shine my Light in the world. My light shines most brightly as acceptance, laughter, inspiration, and love. 

Who I Am

My mission is to inspire passionate living in the hearts of the willing so that we all bring our LIGHT to the world.  I have been a devoted student of personal growth since my late twenties, spending hours studying under masters like Chris Attwood and Janet Bray Attwood, Dr. Larry Little, T.Harv Eker, and Dr. Shefali Tsabary.

I am also a mommy to twin boys and am currently on the wildest ride of my life, delving into and exploring my own history, habits and persona to become a conscious parent. Oh, the lessons I am learning now!

What I Do

I strive to live my mission, wherever I am, wherever I go.  As a certified Passion Test facilitator, credentialed Make A Difference seminar leader, and former active Family of Women leader, I have inspired thousands of people all over the world to live passionate lives, bringing their Light to their relationships, their careers, and their communities.

I love to guide people who seek clarity, to help them discover the brilliance inside them, to transcend their barriers, to reconnect them with their best selves, and to love their lives.

I do this formally and informally, through workshops, one-on-one sessions, and even over cups of coffee… I can hardly help myself, it is just who I am and what I naturally do when I am with the willing.  Click here to listen to an interview I did for the ‘Living a Created Life’ online radio program.

Why I Do It

I believe we all have a birth right to live the lives we dream of.  I know that we all are meant to bring our gifts to the world and live our life purposes.  And I am sure that we all can get there, with a little help from each other.

The joy and fulfillment I get from hearing that my clients have learned something new about themselves that will help them live better lives and contribute their gifts to the world is why I do what I do.


"The specific way Ratika teaches this class is special."
–Jeniece W.

"Ratika shares a practical guide to discover oneself and what is important to oneself. This training has provided me with a methodology, now is up to me to put into action."
—Arathi A.

"Ratika is an engaging presenter. I appreciate her real-life examples that are not picture perfect, showing that we all go through personal challenges."
–Erin R.

"Ratika does a fantastic job! Motivational speaker!!"
–Monika A.

"Ratika is an amazing workshop presenter. She has you glued to the content 100%. I love the way she hosts the whole session, very clear detail, examples, and participation."  
—Ilza B. 

"Even with a hectic life, I am reminded that we will always have time for ourselves if we want to make time – and it so valuable."
–Michelle S.