Re-Examining the Concept and Myths of “Work-Life Balance” and Creating Alternative Ways to Think About It  

The phrase “work-life balance” has been used for many years to define the holy grail of happiness and fulfillment for those who find themselves juggling a career and other life roles all at once.  While there are countless definitions that clarify what is intended by this phrase, if taken at face value, it can lead

7 Zen Tips for the Workplace

The stressors at work are everywhere, pulling us in different – and often opposing – directions. They start as minor distractions at best and can lead to frenzy and long-term overwhelm over time. This in turn impacts our focus, performance, and satisfaction at work. We go home frustrated, tense, and short-tempered, unable to be present

It Isn’t Too Late To Make this Year Great!

It is now April. Perhaps you have not written your goals, you have not set your intentions, you have not mapped out your annual plan, and you are beginning to feel a little off, without direction, ungrounded. Don’t worry — it is not too late to put pen to paper and create a remarkable year.